What Is Moringa? Who Is The Moringa Man?
Why Is It Known As The Miracle Tree?

Is the moringa tree the world’s most nutritious plant? If so, discover and explore why! 

Moringa is the common name for the Moringa oleifera tree. There are about 13 species of Moringa trees in the family Moringaceae. Moringa oleifera is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Moringa, which is the only genus in the family Moringaceae. 

Moringa oleifera originates from India, where it has been prized for thousands of years, both as a bountiful source of nutrition, and a robust curative featured heavily in the ancient Ayurveda Medicine tradition. 

Moringa Man is a industry leader and supplier of the world's finest Moringa products. We have cultivated thriving relationships with the world’s leading authority on the science of Moringa and the cultivation and processing of Moringa oleifera trees.



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The Moringa Man was born in 2016 out of the vision of humanity thriving.  Everybody's daily nutritional needs met with our industry-leading quality moringa products. Our moringa leaf powder contains 92+ nutrients and is the world's highest known ORAC food. We are dedicated to our customers and are elated to present some of their feedback below.

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Moringa Leaf Powder

To rate the Moringa Man himself as "excellent" is an understatement! Just give yourself the pleasure of spending more than 5 minutes with Alex and you will definitely walk away as a human with more knowledge than you did 5 minutes ago! And that makes me feel confident to buy a powder supplement from someone who KNOWS what they're talking about, and takes such care and quality in their craft. I shared the Moringa Man powder with my mom too, and she's already re-ordering. Excellent product!

Tara Hubbard

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