Moringa oleifera plant is the most widely cultivated species in the genus Moringa, the only genus in the plant family Moringaceae. Common names include moringa, drumstick tree, horseradish tree, and ben oil tree, tree of life or benzoil tree.  

 Florida grown. Grown with lots of Aloha and Love in a Class III registered nursery.  Yes - shipped legally to all states in the USA!

You will receive (2) plants about each approximately 9" to 14" above the soil line (overall size 14" to 18").
The images are plants in the 3" top 5" range.  the one you will receive is much taller than the image!

Soil,  Water, and Sun

Use a good draining soil mix. Do not use garden soil or potting soil with water management agents that retain water.  Yes, most cactus mixes will work.

The moringa can handle a lot of water if you use the right soil but it does not need it. Let the soil dry between watering. No soggy soil what-so-ever.  Extended cool weather with temperatures below 35 F. (5 C.) will cause the tree to drop its leaves. Our advice is to bring them in due to cold periods!

Yes, the moringa likes the sun.  When you first receive your plant protect it from direct sun and high winds for the first couple weeks. After two weeks give it as much fun sun as you like!  Long hours of sunlight or filter sunlight is best for a healthy plant.

2 Moringa Saplings

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