Private Label Superfoods


Moringa Man LLC has a comprehensive industry-leadinging private label program


Moringa Man LLC is GMP-compliant and FDA-registered, as well as a certified USDA Organic packer. We specialize in working with new and smaller private label clients looking for professional packaging, custom formulation, and flexible pricing without the commitments required by larger facilities. From superfoods to skincare and everything in between, continue reading to learn more about why Moringa Source is the perfect match for your brand.

Our facility employs state-of-the-art airflow and cleaning controls to guarantee that your product is pure and produced to uncompromising standards.


Manufacturing Capabilities


Moringa Man LLC and Moringa Science employs a staff of scientists and formulators to offer a variety of capabilities for your product or brand. Our services include in-house formulation, reverse engineering, manufacturing, filling, labeling, and packing for products including: 


  • Liquids

  • Creams

  • Gels

  • Powders

  • Capsules

  • Teas

  • and more!



Our liquid filling line is capable of filling containers as small as one ounce up to gallons at a time. We have many packaging options, including spray bottles and droppers. We also have innovative formulas available for private label, or we can create a custom formula designed specifically for you and tailored to your target market audience.


Creams and Gels

Through its Natura Veda line, Moringa Man LLC  has developed a wide range of formulas for cosmetic and skincare products, which can be tailored to suit your specific needs and client niches. Glass, plastic, and natural packaging options combine to present the best possible image to your clients.



We offer many options when it comes to powder filling. We can provide bulk blends, pre-blends, resealable bags, plastic containers, and stick packets. Our devoted R&D staff will assist you in creating formulas that taste great, ensuring a premium quality product to attain customer loyalty.



We manufacture two piece gelatin and vegetable capsules on our state of the art machinery to create a flawless capsule without dimples, tucks, splits, or uneven fill weights.

Consistency is key to product success, as variations can be grounds for concern and result in customer dissatisfaction. We take great measures to prevent variations throughout every step of the capsule manufacturing process, starting with raw material identity and purity, and ending with polishing and inspection of every batch. Our finished capsules are always tested to confirm they are consistent in both laboratory test results and visual appearance.



Our tea machines are able to produce volumes from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of tea bags at a time. We can package teas in pouches and boxes. With access to thousands of herbs, you have the option to use one of our proven tea formulas, or create your own from scratch to provide a unique market offering unmatched by your competitors.


Packaging & Label Design

For clients who currently possess all of their own raw materials and formulations, we offer contract nutrition manufacturing. We provide a myriad of packaging options: PET and HDPE bottles, jars, packers, glass, plastic, boxes, and more.

When your formula or new product line is complete, your personal account manager can offer advice on the most ideal packaging and labeling options to appeal to your target market. We understand the importance of high quality packaging when manufacturing supplements, as educating your customer and conveying the benefits of your product will help it to sell well.


Contract Manufacturing and Private Labeling

Moringa Man LLC provides custom manufacturing, private labeling, and repackaging services, as well as worldwide supply of bulk raw ingredients. From small business start-up batches and pilot runs that require flexible pricing and terms, to servicing the largest capacity client, Moringa Man LLC will exceed your expectations.


Our state-of-the-art manufacturing operations include research and development laboratories that allow us to offer custom formulations, powder blending, capsule manufacturing, and packaging and labeling services. Our expertise enables us to identify industry trends far ahead of the competition, giving you every advantage possible in the marketplace for nutritional supplements and skincare.


We offer many product combinations and options, as well as USDA Organic and all-natural products to meet your customer’s unique needs. All of our ingredients are sourced from trusted and time-tested suppliers, and all come with a certificate of analysis to ensure the utmost quality of raw materials available. We also offer unique ingredients, products, and formulas that you will not be able to access through other companies, offering you a premier edge over your competition.


Our supplement manufacturing services are unparalleled, as we offer superior products at the most competitive prices. We can provide cost-effective solutions customized to your individual needs while maintaining the highest quality standards and on-time production.


Unparalleled Service

Moringa Man LLC  offers our clients a genuine customer experience that is unrivaled by other nutrition manufacturers. We pride ourselves on being different because we truly care about your success.


Our dedicated team can assist you every step of the way in creating a nutritional or dietary supplement to introduce to your customers. We specialize in nutritional supplement categories such as weight loss, anti-aging, cardiovascular, energy, joint support, multi vitamins, children’s health, sports nutrition, immune support, antioxidants, detox, and much more.


Since inception, Moringa Man LLC  has maintained optimal standards of quality control. By choosing to work with our company, you benefit from an experienced and committed staff who specializes in exceptional customer service, product quality excellence, and providing our customers with the highest level of service in the business.


If you are looking for a true partner in your product development, formulation, and packaging, Moringa Man LLC would be happy to meet your needs.

Industry Leading Quality You Can Trust

Moringa Man Organic Farms in southern India is the homeland of Moringa oleifera for thousands of years. For over a decade we have been INDIA’s largest producer and exporter of Moringa oleifera seeds for several cultivation projects around the world.

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