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 The Moringa Man's story begins with you and our mission to help you and everybody thrive!


 Once upon a time, over three decades ago, Alex's mom wanted to be a doctor, cure cancer and contribute to the field of medicine. Then, Alex was born on July 18, 1990, and nurturing him became her top priority. She abandoned medical school and sacrificed that dream to raise him as a single mother while she earned a master's degree in Science Education with a bachelor's in Molecular Biology and minors in Organic Chemistry at SUNY Potsdam. 


 Alex attributes his thirst for knowledge and his multidisciplinary approach to generating solutions to his brilliant mother. Following in her footsteps, he wanted to become a doctor or a professional athlete. He graduated from the Center for Wellness and Medical Professions at Palm Harbor University High School in 2008. He was a four-year varsity wrestler and club wrestled during the high school offseason. He became a licensed Florida nurse assistant while in high school and decided senior year that he wanted to eventually become a nurse practitioner. He got accepted into FSU and was going to major in biology for premed but instead decided to focus on generating income and experience while working as a full-time CNA, living on his own, and 'adulting'.  

 Alex worked at a nursing home and rehabilitation center called BayTree for almost two years. His employer offered to finance his way through nursing school. His plan was to work his way up the ladder from CNA to LPN to RN to NP. But after developing strong bonds with his cherished patients it became clear that the nursing home business and industry model of big Pharma was at odds with his values for health and wellness. Alex decided to take a leap of faith and change the direction of life. He followed his heart and passion for health and wellness. 


 In April 2010, he discovered metaphysics, yoga and a wellness center called Yoga Village. Yoga village became a spiritual sanctuary for Alex and he was there almost every day. He started practicing and studying all things yoga, intentionality, lifestyle medicine, martial arts, mindfulness, meditation, Nature, neuroscience, nutrition, philosophy, prevention and so on! These comprehensive and interconnected subjects, especially prevention, led Alex into the ancient wisdom of 'Let Food Be Thy Medicine and Medicine Be Thy Food'. Through that insight, he discovered the dynamic world of Ayurveda, biodynamic gardening and ecological farming best practices, ecovillages, indigenous wisdom, intentional communities, Permaculture values and principles, and above all, synergy with Nature.


Sidenote his first visit to Coral Castle and the tropical fruit mecca of Homestead, FL was on April 10, 2010. Who would have known that two years later he would complete an Advanced Permaculture Designers Certification course in June 2012 at Earth Learning in Homestead and relocate to the garden island of Kaua'i; a permaculture practitioner's paradise just two months after that? 


 Synchronicities and serendipities started becoming the 'norm' for him. He met Dr. Masaru Emoto on September 11, 2010, at a workshop called Healing the Gulf of Mexico and the Power of Collective Intention and Manifestation. That meeting amplified the frequency of synchronicities and serendipities.  





 Long story short, Alex first discovered the Miracle tree or better said, the Miracle tree first discovered Alex in 2011. That's when he first met local legend and now world-renowned market gardener and permaculture practitioner Jim Kovalski. Jim provides donation-based farm tours of his urban homestead and permaculture demonstration site called the Freedom House Farm. Alex purchased Jim's homegrown Moringa leaf powder and started taking it daily instead of fresh wheatgrass shots and a product called Green Vibrance that he discovered from health food market research. He preferred the moringa for obvious reasons! Alex once said, "It's vital to know our farmer. Even better to be our farmer's mentee." 


 Two months after that unforgettable day, Alex experienced his first Permaculture Design Certification Course in Ft. Myers, FL. That included hands-on learning and guided tours of Florida's first university food forest at FGCU and ECHO; the premier Moringa research instuititon in the United States. ECHO is a knowledge hub for development practitioners around the world. They gather solutions from around the world that are solving hunger problems and disseminate them to their active network. These solutions promote sustainable farming techniques, nutritional plants, and appropriate technologies. They are well tested and proven to be successful over and over again. ECHO's purpose is to help those who are teaching farmers around the world know how to be more effective in producing enough to meet the needs of their families and their communities. They, in turn, teach others and the ECHO effect continues! In over 35 years of assisting development workers around the world, ECHO has become the “go-to” organization for challenges faced by individuals and organizations.


 Alex purchased ECHO's technical paper on the Moringa tree and a pack of Moringa oleifera PKM1seeds. He experimented with cleaning dirty water and planted a few seeds in the backyard of a friend who was living on the intercoastal in Indian Rocks Beach at the time. One seed ended up growing into a very resilient and strong Moringa cultivar. After living in Kaua'i for over three years, Alex moved in with that friend during October 2015 because he asked Alex to help him grow food and a permaculture food forest in his backyard. Alex harvested around 10,000 seeds from that tree and made almost 10kg of leaf powder before it was removed to build a pool around July 2018. 


 Around that same time frame, Alex connected with Dr. Carrie Waterman and her son at a Hawaii location of his Moringa experiments, research nursery and 5-acre permaculture farm site of the Ahupua'a ecovillage in Kapaa. Alex has consulted off and on since 2013 for the land and the owner who used to be an architect for the County of Kaua'i. 


 Alex first connected with Dr. Carrie Waterman over the phone while he was living at the St. Pete ecovillage in January 2018. That was a magical morning moment inside the five-year-old food forest and moringa tree hedge! She is considered a pioneer of Moringa and nutrition research. One of her main videos is listed on our home page under the link to Pub Med moringa studies. In January 2017, Alex began the University of Hawaii at Manoa College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources Master Gardener Program at the Kaua'i Agricultural Research Sation in Kapa'a. That's where he first connected with another pioneer in Moringa and nutrition research Dr. Ted Radovich.


 Thank you for reading and for being a vital part of our story. You too are now a part of the ECHO and Moringa Man ripple effect. Our story is really about the birth and ascension of universal humanity. We are all in this together and nutrition can help us tap into our potential, power, purpose! Join us in making the world work, for 100% of humanity, in the shortest possible time, through spontaneous cooperation, without ecological offense or the disadvantage of anyone! Onward!

In Solidarity,

The Moringa Man Team

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