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The Moringa Man in partnership with Moringa Science follows good manufacturing, laboratory and documentation practices that ensure a high level of consistency in quality results. Our state-of-the-art analytical facilities monitor and maintain strict quality control of our products and processes at every stage to meet national/international quality standards. Our World-class manufacturing standards consistently meet and beat the objectives by improving our business performance visibility.


The state of art manufacturing amenities of Moringa Science complies with International standards and incorporated with cutting-edge equipment to contrive reliable depiction. Our highly trained and experienced staff facilitates the manufacturing processes to ensure the peak quality efficient product outcome. From the very start, we follow safe manufacturing facility that empowers our expertise to put their proficiency to work and delight with maximum safety, quality, and efficacy.


Moringa Science formulation division is specialized in private label manufacturing of organic and natural nutraceutical products and offers a comprehensive program of services, turnkey solutions, and client support that is unmatched in the industry. Our product development team can provide customized, proprietary formulations designed specifically to meet the needs of our customers and their method of distribution. Our vertically integrated manufacturing and packaging process allow us to schedule flexible production runs to respond quickly to shifting market demands. Every step of the way, we are committed to your growth and success! The manufacturing facility is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery geared to streamline production, our facility fulfills the special production requirements you may have for tablets and capsules, Commitment to quality continues in all production processes and is the focus on stringent guidelines followed at our on-site Quality Control Laboratory.


As part of our customer service, our knowledgeable staff will keep you informed of new products available in the market, thus providing your company with the necessary information to help you keep your competitive edge.


Step by step production process:



Concept Development:

Our experienced and knowledgeable formulators, depending on your exact product requirement, will assist you in identifying the precise ingredients for your company’s marketing needs.


Formulation Development:

Accuracy and quality of formulas are the result of our cultural & tribal wisdom and experience that Umalaxmi provides.



The Moringa Man manufactures under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and established Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Our processes are subject to our stringent quality control standards. Each of our high-speed encapsulation machines can produce up to 10,00,000 Hard-Shell Capsules per production-run. Once encapsulated, all the capsules go through a thorough inspection to ensure that only the highest quality product is passed on to our customers.



In order to meet your individual packaging requirements and specifications, Moringa Science customizes the packaging of each private label product in blisters or bottles.


Label Design:

With our graphic designing team and printing resources, we also provide services for designing & labelling of your products at a reasonable cost.



As a quality assurance measure, full documentation sets are provided at your request.


Sales Support:

Moringa Science has established a vast product library and as part of our complimentary sales support services, we provide you with scientific support materials, qualitative and quantitative formulas, elaboration methods and certificates of analysis.


At Moringa Science our client’s satisfaction is of paramount importance to us. We know you work hard to make your business succeed. We are confident that our experience, knowledge and dedication in the industry will contribute to your success.


We specialize in following segments:



  • Laxative

  • Infertility

  • Prostrate health

  • Menopausal

  • Sports nutrition

  • Joint Health

  • Eye health

  • Anti –stress

  • Weight loss

  • Sexual health



Industry Leading Quality You Can Trust

Moringa Man Organic Farms in southern India is the homeland of Moringa oleifera for thousands of years. For over a decade we have been INDIA’s largest producer and exporter of Moringa oleifera seeds for several cultivation projects around the world.

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